Thursday, October 11, 2007

America's Next Top Model Eliminates Victoria

Last night on America's Next Top Model the girls got their makeovers. The salon was full of tears and joy as usual, when Bianca was told that her head would have to be shaved because her hair was so damaged.

The photo shoot was an interesting one, to transform the girls into flowers or plants. The judges had some problems with a lot of the photographs, but the bottom two this week were Victoria and Saleisha.

Tyra told Victoria that she had an interesting atypical look but her attitude was horrible; she talked back and had snappy comments to the judges when they tried to talk to her. Saleisha was told she has a great heart shaped face, but her photographs were not that great.

This time Saleisha got another chance and Victoria packed her bags and went home. Not a huge loss for Victoria though, she stated afterwards that she didn't really have the heart for modelling and it's better that she didn't win, because she didn't want to take the dream from another girl.

The best pictures of the episode were a tie this time. Ebony was a bird of paradise and she conveyed a high fashion look very well. In Heather's photograph she was weeds and it looks very artsy and she has great facial expressions.

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