Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Gossip Girls Are At It Again In Episode Three

This week's installment of Gossip Girls was full of dramatic tension and over acting, but I don't watch it for the angsty plotlines - I watch it so I can keep my eye on what those evil prep school brats are wearing.

The plot thickens as the teens have to put their best faces forward for the Ivy League mixer; an event that can make or break their future college career. Blair seeks her revenge on Serena after Chuck saw her entering the facility where her brother is being treated after his suicide attempt.

Blair gets the jump on Serena by "outing" what she believes are Serena's problems with alcohol and drugs in front of all the Ivy League representatives at the mixer. After effectively damaging Serena's reputation, Blair gets a heavy blow when she learns that she was mistaken about Serena's visit to rehab.

In the sidelines, Chuck continues his man whore activities, Nate continues to rail against his father's wish that he attend Dartmouth, and Dan makes an impression on the Dartmouth rep despite not having an Upper East Side pedigree. Oh and Dan's sister is getting friendly with Serena's brother blah blah, now on to the clothes.

There were some standout pieces for me - Serena's grey, over the knee boots were scrumptuous and I loved Blair's black outfit with red tights combo. I anticipate that prep school chic is going to be a staple look for teens this fall and knee socks are going to make a HUGE comeback.

But what the heck was up with Blair's Ivy League event outfit? Oversized blue blazer and pleated skirt? She looks like a badly dressed secretary and her hairstyle completed the look. Hair was a problem for Serena too - she took the term "bed head" too literally.

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