Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sex And The City Spoiler: Carrie's Wedding Dress!

With every fashionista eagerly anticipating what the Sex and the City girls will be wearing when the show hits the big screen next year, it's no wonder that the internet is full of stylish sneak peaks - we managed to get some info on some major plot spoilers and one iconic fashion moment: Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress!!

While not everyone shares Carrie's eclectic taste in clothes (not everyone can pull off her mix it up style) the Sex and the City character has reached superstar heights in the world of fashion for her adventurous looks.

According to rumours, Carrie and Mr. Big are set to get married but commitment phobic Big leaves our darling Carrie at the altar. Fans of the couple's dramatic relationship will just have to wait til the film hits the silver screen to find out if their beloved Carrie and Big pull it together and manage to seal the deal.

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