Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Trend - The Pretty Headband

Our favourite fashionable show has started something that every girl wants for their new accessory. Gossip Girl's character Blair Waldorf has made the pretty headband a new fashionable accessory. The upper east side socialite is known for wearing satin, velvet or tweed covered headbands usually adorned with pretty bows.

It looks like the television shows are not the only ones catching on to this trend, the celebrities are adding pretty headbands to complete their outfits as well.

Here is Paris Hilton at the Blackberry Pearl Promotion party wearing a litte grey dress with a black satin headband.

Wondering where you can get headbands like the celebrities? Try Forever 21, the Ashley Headband is only $2.80, and looks just like a Blair Waldorf original.

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Kate said...

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