Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Is Out of Rehab

Lindsay Lohan checked out of rehab Friday; this has been confirmed by several sources including the young star's parents.

Lohan had been in the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah since August and was seen leaving the facility with her father, Michael carrying her bags.

A source told People magazine that "She's finished the program. Lindsay is done, but she may come back for outpatient treatment. She over-extended her stay because she wanted to. She could have been out awhile ago, but she chose to stay."

LiLo began her treatment following her July 24 arrest in Santa Monica for suspected drunk driving. When searched, police found a small amount of cocaine in her pocket said a spokesman for the Santa Monica police.

The arrest came just after her stint at the Promises rehab center and the actress issued a statement where she accepted responsibility for her actions and said she suffers from drug and alcohol addiction.

She then entered her treatment in Utah. Linday's mom, Dina told People that "I'm proud of her. She's moving ahead with her life. Things were getting out of control. She took action. She took responsibility. She really needed to heal."

Lohan is already preparing to get back to work. She has plans to begin filming a tango-themed movie called "Dare to Love Me" in LA on Oct. 15.

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