Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bif Naked Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Canadian, Vancouver based rocker, Bif Naked announced on January 6th, during a live radio interview that she has breast cancer. The singer found a strange lump in her breast and had it checked out by a doctor, who told her it was stage 2 breast cancer.

Bif Naked, 36, works out regularly, is a non-smoker and eats a strict vegan diet, which makes her unlikely to get cancer. The singer is informing everyone, “It is important for everyone to understand that cancer is non discriminatory and even those in great health can be subject to cancer as a diagnosis,” Naked said in a statement released by her label. “I urge all women at every age to self examine and go for scheduled mammograms.”

The next step for Naked is surgery to remove the lump and continue with her music.

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